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Heim » 2011 » November » 8 » The expulsion of the entity
The expulsion of the entity

Formulas for the expulsion of the entity

Option 1
Perth + Hagalaz
1. Let's have created a mascot (the formula, etc.) to help expel any living space (room or area within a radius of as a meter, etc.) a certain kind of essence;
Here, under the "essence" podruzumevaetsya as a spirit, ghost or any other negatively tuned object in the preparation of his formula to replace the word "entity" on the right.

2.Perth (a rune formula) Let this spell will find out in a given space (the definition of space) the entity must be called (hereinafter, the description of the essence);

3.NEOBYAZATELNY ITEM spell. Option is selected, the most appropriate nature of the essence: Kenaz ctihiya fire, Wunjo elements of air, Algiz spirit animal, and others;

Let 4.Hagalaz discovered the essence of leave given space (Hagalaz impact of force majeure, casting out the essence);

2.Variant (if it is unknown whether the essence, but it is suspected)

1. Let the spell will only work if the room is "such a" nature.
2. Perth - let these entities will be found.
3.Hagalaz - let these entities will be destroyed.

3.Variant (with a statement of the problem, wider action)
Turisaz + Evaz + + Mannaz Odal
Let an entity will be banished (Thurisaz + Ehwaz - banished / or simply Thurisaz, without direction. Mannaz Further included in order not to destroy nature, which prevents and dirty, and send a "friend" Odal-reference to "a friend's house.")

Perth + Find + Soul
Perth - albeit in the apartment (home, office, etc.) will be found the essence of which corresponds to the following parameters (followed by a description if desired, for example, there is a suspicion that let nature can be attributed to the petty evil, then pointing to spell Algiz, etc. .) hook - let it be "localized" and Soul - sozhzhena.-in my vzlyad is the best option, because Hagalaz and Turisaz is too small a scale for the expulsion of the spirit.

5.Variant or do not have

"Let Odal between premises and the essence of communication is broken Hagalaz."
No need because: who said that this connection is established again? Break the bonds is not sufficient to deal with the very istochnikom.Dopustim used Odal-designated house, then in the formula refers to the connection at home and essence, but it does not specify the runes, it is like, and like, and not (according to the formula is the curse, and on runes, no), which can lead to undesirable results, such as the destruction of the foundations or family tensions in the house, it was destroyed with this formulation neizvestno.Teper consider spell-end, assume that an entity will disappear, but the formula is no indication that she can not return or be destroyed, respectively, after a while, it may declare opyat.Poetomu here to add a formula, adding for example Evaz soul, or change the "verbal" formula, or remove Odal (to use one Hagalaz, but meaning very I do not see, because it is against the use of granatameta crows, better then just use the Soul).

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