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Runes and signs of the zodiac

I want to introduce you to study the runes match the zodiac. In runologii there are several options for the distribution of different levels of runes. There are runes on the distribution of Attam by Futhark Sigrdrivy, for compliance with the Celtic ogham, and others take as a basis for the distribution of the runes on the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil. According to the Tree of Life runes are divided on such levels: the World of Gods natural world. The human world.
To the world of the gods include runes: Ansuz - Rune of Odin. Teyvaz - Tyr wound. Ingus - Fleece Inga. Turisaz - rune giants, Jotun.
In the world of nature runes relate: Urus - bull Hagalas - hail Jesus - ice Eyvaz - yew, Perth - pouch for runes, or womb Algis - Soul cane - the sun, Verkana - Lagus birch - water Dagaz - day.
World Rights: Feu - cattle, ride - road, Kano - torch Gebo - Vuno gift - fun, Nautiz - want, need, Evas - horse, Göran - harvest Mannas - people Odil - inheritance, land ownership.
It is clearly visible to the world that the Gods are the runes, the corresponding four elements - fire, water, earth and air. Each rune realm of the gods will correspond to the astrological sign of the zodiac circle dramatic.
Tyr - Norse god of war, and it corresponds to the rune sign Aries - the element of Fire.
Inguz - god of the earth and fertility. His rune corresponds to Capricorn and the element of Earth. One might object: "What a fertility of Capricorn?" But do not forget that the soil of the North - this rocky land of Capricorn. And besides, in the Nordic rune mysteries Inguz was associated with the end of the annual cycle, and solstice occurs in the sign of Capricorn.
Ansuz - Rune of Odin. It corresponds to the element of air and a sign of Libra.
Turisaz - rune frost giants. They were primordial, of which there were then men. This corresponds to the rune sign of cancer - the element of Water.
So, we denote the four elements and four corner sign zodiacal circle. TEYVAZ - OWEN. TURISAZ - CANCER. ANSUZ - LIBRA. Inguz - Capricorn.
Since in the 24 Futhark Runes, and the signs of the zodiac - 12, each character corresponds to 2 runes.
In the runes that make up the world of nature, it is easy to see the connection with the ten planets. Urus - a bull, a symbol of the initial pulse of creation. This rune corresponds to Mars.
HAGALAS and ISA - hail and ice, frozen water is the element of water is transformed into ice. This corresponds to the planet of transformation runes PLUTON and fixed sign of Scorpio.
Eyvazov - yew tree growing on land and at the same time symbolizing the death and the transition from darkness to light. This rune corresponds to Saturn and Capricorn.
PERTH - belly, a bag for the runes. Picture of this rune like runes pouch for storage. Many compare runologi mark runes Perth with the women's womb. It is a symbol save anything was - runes, secrets, information, a child who has been born. At the same time - a symbol of the subconscious, which is hidden deep within us. In Astropsychology IV house, the house of cancer - this is the realm of the subconscious, and manages this house MOON.
Algiz - cane. His font style is very similar to the planet Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.
SOUL - the Sun, Leo, V House. And fleece, and zodiac sign associated with the sun and the victory.
DAGAZ - day. This is a wake-up fleece and light, a symbol of a new day. The word "dagaz" actually means "day". In numerology says that the situation has changed for the better, and we move on darkness to light. This rune is also associated with the sun.
Berkana - birch. Rune of female strength and beauty. Birch is also connected to the ground, just as Proserpine - the planet of feminine power, control virgin.
Lagus - water lake. This rune is the water element, a force that rises from the unconscious. It cleans all levels of our lives. "Lago" is translated from the Norwegian - means "lake". Runic shamans use a rune as a symbol of Lagus transition from life to death and back. In this sense, Lagus can be compared with the sign of Pisces and Neptune ruler
Now just as easily be brought into line with the signs of the zodiac runes relating to the world of man.
FEU - cattle. In a style reminiscent of cow's horns. Its original meaning - the cattle. At the time of appearance was rune cattle means of measuring well-being, and later with the development of society, this rune has come to signify not only cattle, but the rest of the material wealth that abound, including money. Property - that is what I own, my own personal resources. In astrology, for property and personal resources II meets the house. In a symbolic zodiac - Taurus is that it is very good agreement with the symbol of the rune. Venus - ruler of Taurus also means wealth.
Ryde - the road. In Raido had the potential movement and the forward direction. This movement in space and time, is a sign of twins and their ruler Mercury, which is a magic name is Lord of crossed roads.
KANO - torch. This is a rune of fire and the inner light. In shape it resembles an ancient lamp. Kano light gives the energy necessary to carry out its purposes, to enhance the interior space. Astrologically - Sagittarius, Jupiter.
NAUTIS - want, need. According to its tracing of this rune is similar to a device for kindling fire. At the wheel Futhark it also refers to the element of Fire. But this man-made fire, he, as well as Kano to change, and therefore belongs to the mutable sign of Fire - Sagittarius.
Gebo - a gift. In addition to the gift of this rune symbolizes the union of the partnership. And here is a direct relationship with the sign of Libra. Venus, ruler of Libra, also symbolizes the gifts and partnerships.
VUNO - joy, glory. Old-Norse word meaning "glory of perfection." In astrology, for fulfillment of desires is responsible XI house and its ruler Uranus symbolic. In addition, a commitment to excellence - this is a purely human characteristic. But Uranus in astrology - is the ultimate inspiration.
EVAS - the horse. In the epic Celtic rune Evas associated with Sleipnir, Odin's steed. Sleipnir bore one into the other worlds. Simply put, the horse - this vehicle and it corresponds to the III house, Gemini and Mercury.
Goran - harvest. This is a rune of change, harvest, grown as nature and the harvest of our deeds. Virgo - the symbol of harvest and variables (mutable sign) - this is a very good match for Yery.
MANNAZ - people. Mannaz - Old Norse word meaning "man." It is believed rune intelligence and human consciousness. The symbol of intelligence in astrology - Uranus is the planet.
ODALEN - inheritance. Old-Norse word "óðal" means "ownership." This is a rune of what belongs to us by law, as well - our innate qualities. Astrologically - Taurus.
So, astrologically runes elements:
EARTH - Ingus, EVAZ, FEU, ODALEN, Berkana, Göran.
AIR - ANZUS, Gebo, Ryde, Eyvazov, VUNO, MANNAS.
WATER _ TURISAZ, Perth, HAGALAS, ISA, Lagus, Algiz.
Astrologically runes zodiac.
GEMINI - Reid, Eyvazov.
LEO - Soul, DAGAZ.
VIRGO - Berkana, Göran.
PISCES - Lagus, Algiz.

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