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Heim » 2011 » November » 8 » Predictions on runes
Predictions on runes

Answers to the question is "Yes" or "No"

This way of interpreting the responses of Runes is the most simple and
very effective. Even without knowing the deep values of Runes, one can already
obtain a fairly accurate and specific information. As a rule,
on the level of these responses may Runes given clear instructions
the format of communication with them (aspects of communication). The *
identified aspects of communication with runes.

Fehu straight. Yes. In some form, in its final form,
with feelings of pleasure, often very quickly. But in
thus obtained can be quickly lost. Getting connected
with the application of forces or money. It should be readily available for use
it received.
Fehu inverted. No. Missed opportunities "here and
now "because of the inability to believe that these
opportunities for you to come up. Often - significant expenditure
or fatigue.
* Runes are not included in the process of prediction.
Urus straight. Yes. Success depends on active desire, aspiration,
tion to go ahead, get rid of the old forms. Will
action and often deeply selfish.
* You too want to get the right answer and all you
Runes answers will adjust for it.
Urus inverted. No. You could not overcome the stereo-
types of habitual behavior, and retreated to external
difficulties - because of the belief that this complexity. Failure
because of misunderstanding of the realization of desires.
Turisaz straight. Yes. Most often after a while concen-
derivations of forces, a wise weighing of the situation
and the balance of forces. You should come in the form of a "strong",
"Authority", "Leader," "Boss." Or find a "patron"
capable of providing foster care (with protection, assistance, further
Turisaz inverted. No. You have reached an impasse, or were
not in the way either late or not at the people
were based. In principle, the primary message was correct, but
Implementation - no.
* Not in the direction asked.
Anzus straight. Yes. Much depends on the ability to communicate with
information, communication abilities, and skills
and the desire to comprehend the broad and fresh perspective in a
the future.
* Tell me more, ask a question.
Anzus inverted. Stiffness, unsociable, Neum-
tion and reluctance to listen to others, inability to communicate
and treatment information. Inability to provide
prospects for the future.
* No answer will not issue you care about.
Raido straight. Yes. Need to make a rational decision,
might go somewhere, to make some active action
interaction by following the law as the ordering life
the process. Aspects: a trip, a court official marriage.
* Think.
Raido inverted. No. Not so fast, the situation is unfavorable
pleasant for any movement. Failure because of the intentions
think, act, decide to move somewhere.
* Stop "twitch"!
Kano line. Yes. The success of active self-disclosure,
unrestrained abilities, open love, a complete
creativity, artistry, "burning" a broad interpretation
what is happening.
Kano inverted. No. You "went out" too narrowly smot-
rite to the situation falls under the influence of external authority
factors manifest uncertainty.

* You are closed to the possibility of understanding.

Gebo. Yes. The success of establishing mutually beneficial partnerships
relations, the ability to seek help and to agree
ability to create a "team".
Vuno straight. Yes. To maintain balance, internal
Harmony, the ability to focus on a specific case, not
spray on a global perspective. As frequently bounded
living space of a bounded situation.
Vuno inverted. No. The situation is not harmonic, instead of
focus on the external you really needed was fascinated-
were illusory exciting external problems, it is
most ambitious, complex, claims.
Hagalaz. Yes. But in the most unexpected, unpredictable and
often unacceptable to you (and who is to blame you?) form. You
may even regret received - and time-nepredskazu
rd and the consequences can be unpleasant. Unambiguous "Yes"
depends on the ability to make new and unexpected.
* The answer may not correspond to reality or to be
Dan, just so you upokoit. Or give rise to re-
zhivany - so you do not interfere still accomplishes
the process.
Nautiz straight. Yes. Will be necessary, however, in a tightly
definite and unalterable form. Execution of the entire
meets your requirements, especially podsoznatel-
Nautiz inverted. No. You could not take occurs,
dyaschee as a necessary (though not heavy). More often than
reason - in an internal conflict of desires and their anomalies with
accordance real possibilities.
* You do not realize that you really want to ask.
Isa. No. The implementation process is not yet the time has come
you participate in it, or maybe it did not come nor-
when - your internal state can not accept it,
any help implement it. Success now depends absolutely
not from you.
* You are closed to contact.
Göran. Yes. Success depends on ability to meet the Daily-
but the changing balance of forces affecting the situation.
Obtaining or in part, or with the growing process
of implementation.
Eyvaz. Yes. Success depends on the integrity of your thinking and
estimation, the ability to take the right decision and show you
determination of its application. The greater the uncertainty and
lack of clarity in your decision, the harder and longer the
* Decide whether to proceed and whether you are ready
to proceed.
Perth line. Yes. The level and success depend on the one hand,
of good luck, on the other - the ability and desire to more widely
make sense of their capabilities in this situation
(Wider field of opportunities for good luck).
* The answer - only part of the answer.
Perth inverted. No. The possibilities are completely closed.
You have not missed the last case, and these "tails" - debts closed-
vayut you a new stage of implementation.
* Source of fate - a bag of runes is closed. You do not give
of choice.
Algiz straight. Yes. Success thanks to your care,
mindfulness, the ability to be flexible, to rely on pre-
supply included help, see different ways and forms of implementation.
Ability to be a "disciple."
Algiz inverted. No. You actively do not accept the way in
which you submit, believing that the "pressure", "corruption"
'Violence'. Perhaps it is so. In one case-
s is the right decision, if you really use.
In the other - the total error, if you no other way can
implement necessary.
* Stay focused and give the uniqueness question.

Sovelo. Yes. Thanks, first of all, clearly and accurately busy life-
nennoy position at the equilibrium of all acting forces, and
secondly, the precise definition of the level of Completed
and actions are allowed to act out of fear, doubt,
of uncertainty. Follow the inner nature of his "I".
Teyvaz straight. Yes. With the ability to sacrifice for the sake of
victory, to refuse unwanted and insignificant in
achieving goals, how to fight, to stand his ground,
not to retreat. It is also a teacher's position, to part with
existing knowledge for the sake of free disk space for the new.
Sometimes you just need all the "cut".
Teyvaz inverted. No. You are wasting your strength. Your action
interaction caused by the struggle with their own uncertainty
and disability, the result of external in fact for
you is not important - and it will not. You are too expensive prezh-
tion attitudes and habits, and self-acquired
hard work (but it is now harming) traits.
You think that you would like new - so it's a lie, at the
case you need to keep the old.
Berkana straight. Yes. Thanks to the balanced position and Wis-
rum approach, in which any act of force and emerged-
Chiyah circumstances are considered as a real bear
benefit - even if they themselves do not know. The result was obtained in
eventually correct planning and consistent implementation.
Can help women and mothers.
Berkana inverted. No. You do not have relied on the possibilities
future, but on a desire to become obsolete past. You are running out
their potential, but have not purchased new. Plans have been wrong.
Evaz straight. Yes. Thanks to the harmonious fusion with the partner-
nerskoy party to a joint motion for a mutually acceptable
purpose. Moreover, focusing only on the contact that you
in common. Often - thanks to travel by air or
Water, a business trip, a sudden movement. Sometimes -
state of a whirlwind romance and love.
Evaz inverted. No. Because of the inability to productively-
mu cooperation and the ability to see the good and unifying.
You are too expensive resentment, ambition, finding flaws in
partner, definition, why it fails.
Manaz straight. Yes. Thanks to the leadership position, able to
clearly define the boundaries of the situation, their own position
and a course of conduct, goals and objectives of each phase. The ability to con-
trolirovat themselves and to manipulate others - that
it is important. If you yourself are not the same - so, thanks to
another person, endowed with at least part of the described features.
In any case - the situation depends on human
factors: the will, actions, choices ...
* Think of yourself, the situation depends on you.
Manaz inverted. No. Not the right person, not from people voob-
slit depends, not in your power, required quality, which
either you do not, or you disable (or at best - not
see) themselves have them. People can not help you, because
Your distrust of him or other adverse side
subconsciously they are caught and you rejected it.
Lagus straight. Yes. Due to the ability to stay in the existing
ing life processes, vital to listen to intuition
trust what is happening. Often help women or skill
manifest itself in the nature of feminine qualities: tolerance,
Instinctively, the ability to engage and dissolve.
Lagus inverted. No. Inability to go with the flow, too-
com great desire to resolve all the time to think, to choose
and doubt. While you're thinking - the situation was, swam
past and you are thrown overboard.
Ingus. Yes. Thanks to the most active samoproyav-
Unfortunately, the use of their talents and abilities,
desire to fully interact with the partner side,
"Here and now" in action.
Dagaz. Yes. Thanks to the surprise, the case of surprise. Require-
etsya ability to take an unexpected turn of events and turn-
Camping in him "in full" - without doubt or hesitation.
The time of the very short-lived - do not miss it.
Otila straight. Yes. Through self-sufficient master
position, and the ability to rely on their strength, to see themselves-order
Chick and the master of the situation, awareness of themselves as "in full force and law."
Often - a problem at home, family, children and help with this
Otila inverted. No. Complete inability to get
desired, it is not in your power.
Weird. Yes. But "yes" to require issues - "how to behave?"
"That hurt?", "To hope for?". Actually, the answer is - "to
God's will. "

Unequivocal answers "Yes"

Fehu straight - always in a limited way and with the potential
rapid spending, use of losses.
Gebo - always through the partnership, it should be pom-
thread on the benefits of partnership.
Vuno straight - always with the potential of escalating semi-
bounded in the new, often the opposite quality.
Nautiz straight - as appropriate - or necessary decision-
convincingly - out of necessity.
Goran - with a gradual increase.
Sovelo - according to your actual level of self-
of implementation.
Teyvaz straight - but comparing what I had to give up, you
may be disappointed.
Berkana straight - the gradual, mostly invisible
evolution obtained.
Ingus - always an active part in originating,
Dagaz - suddenly and unexpectedly, often with the effect of the ice-
rather, "zhiznekola."
Otila straight - for the benefit of all levels of the "I" and promising
tivami in the future.
Weird - basically "yes", but need more in-

Specific or narrow values ​​and themes

Fehu direct:
livestock, a specific amount of money, financial
geodesic force. Handout or sponsorship. The moon.
Fehu inverted:
loss, waste, failure. Distrust
existing one. Sometimes - a random finding the treasure.
Urus direct:
wild animals. Wrath. Action.
Urus inverted:
depression. Inactivity. Depressed
emotions. Frigidity or impotence.
Turisaz direct:
Gates, a spike, the phallus, blow, thunder, defeat
shot or shot. Patron, the head, police-
ner, security, security officials. Hammer, hatchet, a castle.
Turisaz inverted:
dead end, retreat, closed doors
or gates. Forced turn.
Anzus direct:
mouth, talking, drunkenness, presentation, the exam
myeon, information, language as a means of communication. Words, signs,
Gifts with meaning. PR Charming words and verses.
Anzus inverted:
silence, muteness, deceit, obstinacy,
hidden information.
Raido direct:
road, marriage, blood, cut the wheel, the car
or other means of transportation. Decision, the mind. The court, lawyer,
rules, the law.
Raido inverted:
stop, hitch, break. Absence
logic and accuracy, disorder, damage.
Kano line:
Love, light, lights, horn smith, heart,
creativity, "Yan".
Kano inverted: dark, quiet, ability to see
reality outside of their own misconceptions about reality. Point-
ny the light source.
lovers, partners, contract, honored gift
adaptation, equilibration.
Vuno direct:
vane, reconciliation, family life, day-to-
daily affairs, a compass, certainty, looks likely achievable
the target. Hustle.
Vuno inverted:
disorder, invisible destructive
processes (inflammation in apparently healthy roots of the tooth), neurosis,
latent anxiety, spin-on conflict. Unfinished
the case. Laziness.
natural manifestations, hail, rain, wind, non-
probability distributions, breakage. Spirits, ghosts, phantoms. Sudden
events, breathtaking in its scope.
Nautiz direct:
need, the uniqueness. Especially actively-
are the known desire. The lamp. Sobriety. Intransigence,
faith, the cross (any). Track corridor, with one output, the lighthouse.
Nautiz inverted:
moods, disagreement, stubbornness. Grow-
ryannost, despair, loss of real processes. The mine,
mineral deposits.

ice, plaster, crystal, wire, winter, cold, snow, con-
tion, "Yin." Accumulation. Waiting. Maturing. Alienation.
The wire. The needle.
yield, growth, dance, maturation. Cycle, a spiral
sun, year, daily employment, routine processes
everyday affairs.
tree, the relationship, mind, spine, trunk.
Psychological problems. Active magical effect.
The hook. Fishing rod. The dead. Death. Solution, "knowledge, in
giving rise sorrow "moral principles. Libra.
Perth direct:
fate, win the game, the excitement. Game pieces. M-
rovoe space: board, table. The uterus, purse, shopping bag. The bag.
The source. Possible pregnancy. Pot, bottle, cup.
Perth inverted:
closed. Failure, infertility. MISS
accumulation potential is not being used. Paul-
note. Care inside. Cork.
Algiz direct:
trees, sedges, reeds, a crossroads, one-
fork, please, prayer, support from above. Guardian angel
security, security system, intuition, be careful. Education,
the dedication. The ministry. The subordination of the conscious and favor-
yatnoe. Intuition, insight. A fork, a harpoon, a pitchfork.
Algiz inverted:
roots of a tree, an arrow, the uniqueness
way and complete inability to choose. The subordination of impact-
Corollary outside under the open or covert coercion. Spoilage.
Violence, helplessness, anxiety. Joyless work on
for someone. The foundation, support, unconscious promises. Broom.
Sun, light, clarity, career growth, lightning, electric
trorazryad, the ladder leader.
Teyvaz direct:
warrior, soldier, spear, an arrow. Scalpel.
Pointer, the direction. Competition. The victim. Incised
the wound.
Teyvaz inverted:
shovel, rail shooter. Spending
forces. Disillusionment. Search the concrete. Pathfinder.

Berkana direct:
pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding. You-
zdorovlenie. A mature woman, the mistress of the family. Plans. Birch.
Berkana inverted:
physiological and social-chi
stka. Menstruation. The impossibility of pregnancy. Older
plans. Disruption of pregnancy.
Evaz direct:
twins, each pair of co-ordinated, resonance.
Horse, rider, "the wind in the sails", a ship, plane, the traveler-
condition in the fun with someone's help. Love and harmony.
The unity of male and female. Understanding, empathy and
empathy. A kiss.
Evaz inverted:
simultaneous separation and nonsingular-
knowledge of the appeal. Temporary misunderstanding. Grievance
with the prospect of reconciliation. Rest of the movement. Fallen
and aircraft wreck.
Manaz direct:
person, people, human factors. Reflection
tion in the mirror. Manager, responsible person. The magician,
independent person in action.
Manaz inverted:
nonhumans, people unfamiliar to them
Role. Intrigue, chains, blocking activity.
Lagus direct:
water flow, flow, light flow
pregnancy, fluid milk, the woman continued,
follow up. Women's. Intuitive. Flexibility.
Lagus inverted:
dryness, drought, not current, the output of
usual events, holidays in the movement. Nezhenskoe behavior.
Rigidity constraint.
benefits, rewards, maximum satisfaction.
The male. Of conception. Active love with the increased sexual
intensity and the mutual desire. Distributed goodness
and well-being.
sudden, dawn, morning, afternoon. Compass, a guide.
Transformation, transformation. Crisis, a sudden-vyzdorov
tion. Star, the moment of birth. Jimmy, code entry, the password
Otila direct:
home, family, home owner, was born. Family Business,
Closed enterprise - the firm, the clan. The land plot.
Ancestral roots and traditions. Self-sufficiency. Fenced
sphere of control. Pye, share allotment. Sperm-like skontsentri
the induced embryo of the future. The legacy and heritage. Will.
Father. Ded. Wisdom. Construction. Enclosed space of-
given to man in order. Prison solitary confinement.
Otila inverted:
outside the home without a father, "without a king in my head."
Change of environment, social roles, firing, full-on

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