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Heim » 2011 » November » 8 » Galdrastav for business
Galdrastav for business

1.Galdrastav "þessir stafir heita kaupalokar" - became for the invocation of the "powers" to witness a fair deal, that is, if there is a chance that you can cheat with a certain transaction or contract, please use this becoming, it will not tolerate fraud and punish the attempt to deceive you. Becoming drawn finger dipped in the saliva, on the right hand, left at first sign, then right. Left-sign first major cross, then a diagonal line, signs on the lines are drawn at once. Right-sign first "square", then clockwise, starting with niizhnego left corner marks the end of three short lines at the bottom.

2.Galdrastav "Jafnaðarkaupum" - to become fair trade, the successful conclusion of deals and contracts. Becoming a need to cut to the bone and any carry. First main cross cut, then mark the top and bottom of the sign.

3.Galdrastav "Eður skrifa" - for becoming a successful and well-being of the company, receiving dohod. stav need to draw on thin paper, painted with blood from the left hand, and have at sebe.Risuetsya first inclined line, then horizontally, at the end of two sloping lines.

4.Galdrastav "Efþú vilt ei láta formann"-becoming for high office, to improve and move on rabote.Iznachalno used by Icelandic magicians when it was necessary to "make" someone dominant on something, for example, the ship's captain or "counselor" konunga.Stav cut with a knife on a piece of cheese, it sedayut.Delayut only voskresene.Risuetsya left to right, first horizontal line, then "cross", a diagonal line, then sign on the line.

Galdrastav "brjósti"-becoming to protect their business, enterprise and business. Is applied to the consecrated paper (paper sanctify water, earth, fire and air), at first horizontal line, then the vertical lines at the end of the center. Paper with signs around with you or hide in the office.

Galdrastav "Velgengni" - to win up becoming a delah.Risuyut randomly on paper, on the growing moon or full moon, are in the left pocket.

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