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A ritual galdrastav

Initially, it is believed that each needs its own galdrastava recipe creation, such as becoming the property damage to a foe draw blood on the bat on the skin loshadi.No currently fulfill this recipe is very difficult, so you can use a simpler technique.

A ritual galdpastavov


1) The parchment, paper, tablet
2) pen and ink (black, red, sinnie, yellow, etc.)
3) candles
4) line (if necessary)

To this we may add any other items needed to create the sign.

1. Training
The first stage - will formulate the magician - the destination sign. The goal must be clear and concise. Proclaiming it, you create a character who must fulfill his destiny. You have to take the process of creating galdpastava with special care and attention sospedotochennym.

Work on the signs at any time, but usually the night is the best time to influence the will of the magician in the objective universe, and the day is most suitable for the purpose of protection. You can also take into account the lunar phases.
Get together with thoughts and focus on the sign and its purpose.

2. Drawing
Drawing a sign saying to himself: "the goal of" (eg I need good luck in the fact of that something). Paint mark smoothly and quickly, while paying full attention to its beauty and accuracy, as well as magical destination. Drawing, feel every line of the sign. The magical meaning and purpose of the sign can help you realize that, in what order should I paint the sign. For example, if you want to enrich your inner world of objective knowledge of the universe, it must first draw the elements of the sign, which propagate into the outer mir.Risovat sign can be what you want ink, for the love spell you can use red, blue to sleep, to get money and success, yellow for corruption and black, many safety signs are put saliva on the body (forehead, hands, etc.) and color t.d.Vybor is based on its own oschuscheniyah.Risovat sign can be on anything: on a board or paper , body, and any poverhnosti.Sleduet mind that untested or doubt appealing characters in the body should not be applied, causing the body t.k.pri effect is enhanced.

3.Osvyaschenie sign. Occurs as well as to create runneskripta.
If the damage is done to the consecration of the blood is not used, you can draw pictures on becoming a foe, if the opposite is the talisman for himself, giving some of the blood, it is possible to enhance its effect.

4. Spell
When you finish drawing and sanctified, wait until the sign will not be imprinted in your mind, and proclaim aloud the purpose or goal of your proposed mark in the form of spells or "prayer." You can ask the god or goddess, responsible for your desired question, such as damage can refer to Hel, to create a talisman for happiness and love to Freyi.Posle treatment, many authors recommend a read Visu, or one of Odin's song, you can also make the text itself.

5.Poblagodarite for help, or you can leave a gift, such as honey, apple, alcohol, etc. (for each god or goddess, ideally to their offering.)

Keep in mind that galdrastavy eventually lose their effect and can start working in the opposite direction, so as soon as galdrastav fulfill its mission to nebhodimo burn and scatter the ashes or bury, poblagodariv.Esli mark was inflicted on the body, it must be washed poblagodariv.Ili if, for example served as a protective talisman in the form of objectives must be clear, then we can continue to use it.

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